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Revit 2023. In Revit 2023, additional categories have been made cuttable. Please see: Revit 2023: Additional Cuttable Categories. Revit 2022 and Older. To cut through one of these families/categories: Edit the family and change its type value to a type that is not listed as "Non-Cuttable." Create a detail item that represents the family in the section. bcdc1250d max solar input. Apr 24, 2016 · From What Revit Wants: Launching Scripts and Programs directly from Revit.Super Void Generic Model Family for cutting anything SuperVoid Family download From What Revit Wants: Using a Super Void Generic Model to Cut Anything Seamless Sphere From What Revit Wants: Making a Seamless Sphere in Revit.Symbol for Use.

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